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Learning and Curriculum

All students in Key Stage 2 will have the opportunity to engage in play-based, child led provision scheduled

for parts of the school day. Learning during continuous provision will be opportunistic and inspired by each

individual child’s interests and thought processes. These opportunities will enable students to engage in

learning activities which are designed to be low demand. Students will have ample opportunity for both

indoor and outdoor learning activities. Students and staff will be able to capture their learning through

the use of technology and match it to key objectives within the National Curriculum. Resources provided

during continuous provision sessions will be linked to planned objectives for the day but will give the

students the opportunity to use the resources creatively to facilitate learning. As children gain confidence

in their learning and are able to master key learning skills it is likely that they will be able to access more

formal styles of learning as they progress through the school. Students in Key Stage 3 will continue to have

opportunities for less formal learning through the use of cross curricular project-based topic work. It is

anticipated that by Key Stage 4 all students will have developed their learning skills to a point where they are

able to access a more formal curriculum.

Each day some learning objectives will be taught, and some consolidated, during small group learning led by a

teacher. This style of learning also aims to serve as a stepping-stone to more formal learning in future key stages.

Social skills and teamwork objectives will also be facilitated during these sessions.

Students will have regular opportunities for 1:1 learning with a teacher, particularly to target areas of the curriculum they have

not achieved during other learning sessions. These will be timetabled to meet the needs of individual students, with all students

receiving at least weekly opportunities for this style of learning.

Students will be exposed to a range of experiences and professions through demonstrations by visitors to the school. Students can observe, or participate in, these while in a familiar environment. Trips (e.g. to a castle or museum) and events (e.g. school fete, art gallery) will be planned to support learning and provide experiences for students. Events at the school will aim to involve parents and families of students if possible. Visits, trips and events will be linked to the current curriculum theme or will be life skills or experiences the students will benefit from.

Our outline curriculum for each Year group can be found here.

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