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Parents' Comments

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you both and to all the staff for a fantastic half term in school. It is just such a relief and a joy to see ## not only attending school but actually really enjoying it!! I fully appreciate all the work and the thought that goes into everything that you do and I really couldn't be more pleased with how things are going for ##. The trip yesterday was a huge step forward for her and there have been many other small steps this half term. Thank you for enabling her to achieve these steps forward - she is just so much more relaxed and happy since starting at Hope Tree. So - thank you very much.                            CR

We are really pleased with how ## has settled and how responsive everyone has been in School to her - it has been a relief not to just be told she’s “fine” all the time. ## genuinely enjoys coming into School now and she is challenging herself to try things she wouldn’t have previously.                                     SF


I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for making ~~ so welcome at your school. I have never seen her this happy to go to school, the change in her is phenomenal. In FOUR DAYS, she has gone from dreading the mere mention of school, to thoroughly enjoying every lesson, every person, everything! I cannot thank you all enough.                                                      ES


"This is a peaceful and nurturing school environment, with a unique sense of calm and mutual respect so badly needed by our daughter.  We love how the staff are closely attuned to the emotional state of each child, and are able to proactively manage their needs accordingly.  Demands and recovery time/activities are closely managed and balanced to optimize the learning environment.  
Positive reinforcement is provided throughout the day with praise/small rewards for trying new things, being brave, and efforts at self-regulation.   Learning around emotional health and regulation is embedded within the approach and sensitively modelled/explained. For example, our child was encouraged to try blowing big slow bubbles with a bubble wand to regulate her breathing, the exercise included providing the rationale for the exercise (dampening excess adrenaline) and distraction of bubbles meant that she could successfully use the technique to calm herself.  
It is fantastic to see communication managed sensitively, very inclusive of those who struggle with selective mutism (options including writing/drawing on whiteboards, typing on tablets,
and carefully worded questions that only require non verbal responses.   
For the first time in over two years, our daughter has been able to attend school for five days a week without significant negative impact to her mental health and wellbeing. We believe
that this is because the provisions identified in her EHCP are being implemented thoroughly and with genuine understanding. 
Watching our child start to flourish in this setting, with staff who genuinely understand both her needs and her potential, is eye-opening, and an incredible relief. We wish this provision
had been here years ago and are excited to see it grow in the future!"      AL

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